Miscellaneous Professionals

Sometimes, you need some really specific help for your business from unexpected places.

Richard Vicenzi, Attorney at Law
I met Richard when he reviewed my contracts for a client we share...and ripped them apart. I hired him to put them back together. A technology attorney of immense experience, he also assembles basic contracts for small businesses. New York City lawyer quality and a bit less than New York City prices ;)
Richard's contact info
Jefferson Coulter, Attorney at Law
Based in Seattle, Jeff specializes in Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Copyright, and Trade Secrets issues. A former colleague, Jeff is a good guy to call if you have a question about protecting your company's intellectual property - on or off the Internet.
Jeff's info at Axios Law
Hedgehog Hosting
Like their tagline says, it's "a warm and fuzzy approach to hosting." Hedgehog is the only managed, dedicated host I recommend. Former colleagues, we share the idea that having a small set of pleased, well-cared for clients is better than spreading ourselves too thin.
Jackie Lee, Market Ability
Jackie Lee is a Marketing professional in the Chippewa Valley area. There are very few areas within the Marketing sphere in which Jackie does not have some sort of experience. Marketing Firm Creative Director. Promotions Coordinator. Radio Announcer. Instructional/Industrial Voice Overs. News Reporter/Anchor. Basically, she knows how to get your company the visibility it needs, at affordable rates and on a project-by-project basis.