About Us

put to practical use; applying general principles to solve definite problems.


programs that control the display for the user on a computer monitor which allow the user to interact with the system.

Applied Interfaces is dedicated to the concept that every business - including small businesses - deserves to have a custom, quality web site.

Applied Interfaces is owned and operated by Toni Hudzina, an Internet professional with over 10 years of experience in building web sites. She has worked on web sites for non-profit associations, the federal government, health care agencies, and various industries in the private sector.

Her current focus is on providing custom, quality web sites for small business; helping small businesses figure out what type of site they can realistically afford and maintain; and assessing the usability and accessibility of web sites for companies of any size.

Between her academic training as a vertebrate paleontologist (dinosaurs - the ultimate jigsaw puzzles!) and her years of ensuring that web sites will work for those with physical and cognitive disabilities, Toni enjoys untangling piles of apparently unrelated data and creating a web sites that are easy to use and maintain.

Winner of two Standard of Excellence Awards from the Web Marketing Association*, Toni believes that the most important thing about your web site is that it actually works...for you, and your clients.

* – 2008, Small Business Standard of Excellence Award for Highland Fitness Centers; 2002, Non-Profit Standard of Excellence Award for Association of American Medical Colleges, Government Affairs and Advocacy.